The School of Architecture at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Cost Action TU1306 are pleased to organize the International Training School in thinking and making hybrid spaces “Enhancements: Mediated Urban Landscapes” to be held 29 March – 01 April 2016 in Thessaloniki, Greece. The venue will be the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, School of Architecture, University Campus, 54124, Thessaloniki, Greece.


Enhancements is an international COST Action training school that brings into question the contemporary outdoor life as dominated by screen action. Considering that Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) accompany almost all of our outdoor real-world activities, the experience of open public space is now affected by the digital to such an extent that becomes fully mediated. In this sense, Mediated Urban Landscapes are simply real; and the training school aims to track and foster the understanding of our algorithmically defined urban experiences as territories of mutual influence and dependence of technology to both space and human. The general context of the training school is based on creating a shared understanding of the possibilities that forms of man/machine/space interactive narratives can introduce to innovative research along different domains related to the shaping and making of technologically enhanced public spaces – from architecture, landscape and interaction design to urban development, sociology and digital humanities. The training school aims to increase the awareness on new methods, techniques and materials for the production of responsive and inclusive urban places as well for their effects on human behavior, preference and response.

With its recently developed thematic layout of rooms-as-gardens and its world award-winning prizes in architecture and landscape design, the New Waterfront of Thessaloniki is a key territory for the outdoor public activity of the city and will consist the main case study of the training school. The teaching focus will explore new enhanced forms of storytelling through Gardens’ individual narrative areas and will investigate the linear urban stage as a hybrid space able to adopt and assimilate the shift in lifestyles that ICT are facilitating in increasing rates. Four main teaching modules will inquire the new transformative reality of a coastal Mediated Urban Landscape:

1. Transforming Value: responsive technologies, prototypes and concepts

2. Spatial and Digital Methods: from analog to networked design processes

3. The Esthetics of Mediated Experiences: new forms of outdoor materiality

4. Social Life in Mediated Environments: architecture, space and postdigital humanities


For more, and how to apply, please see:

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